Google Map – Lusher School District

This is the very hard to find Lusher School District Map

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At the Lusher Elementary School they provide a list of all the addresses. It’s a very convoluted map which appears to have had some political impact over time. I say that because of some of the outliers like the location of the Tulane University married student housing on Claiborne (no longer there).

This version of the Lusher School District Map was created back in 2008 as a KML file and Google Map. It is unlikely that the district boundaries for Lusher Elementary school have changed in that time, but you should always verify regardless.

It’s been said that If one buys a house within the Lusher School District that they are receiving the value of some of the most expensive schools in New Orleans at next to no cost.

Comparing academically to New Orleans schools such as Country Day and Newman (though lacking somewhat in amenities) 13 years at The Lusher Charter School represents a savings of nearly 1/4 million dollars per child.

With that in mind, it’s surprising that houses within the boundaries of the Lusher School District Map don’t command even higher prices.